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Our History

We are one of the leading firms in UAE, our first presence in UAE established at 1989 with fuel supply and logistics. As we follow our motive as "No Compromise on Service Quality" which has built trust and commitment to our clients and partners.

As our network build, the ambitions started more diversified to reach all the sectors with thorough intelligence by analyzing the market situations
Our major clients are from Oil, Petrochemical, Gas, Real estate, Shipping lines, transportation companies

We have established an excellent reputation in the industry through constantly exceeding our clients expectations, our exceptional quality and service and on-time delivery over GCC Regions

We strive to run business in the fields of Energy and Construction and specialized in warehousing and logistics in combination of trading. Having improved itself in the sectors where it runs business since its establishment, it has become a large family today with 13 companies in different sectors and over 100 employees.

Our Vision

Having a rightful place with its reliability in the sectors where it carries out business, Wahid GOC comes up with services beyond the expectations of high quality in all the sectors where it renders service and does its part regarding the development of our country with value-added projects.

Our Mission

While Wahid GOC expands its fields of activity through sustainable growth strategies, it takes a leading part in the development of the sectors where it operates by attaching more importance to its corporate structure and sensitivity to people and environment.

Our Team

To a prospect seeking out a new service provider, the process can be a little overwhelming. It's easy to wonder: Who are the real people behind all the smoke and mirrors?

Wahid Abrahimi

Chief Executive Officer

Sheila Mea

Customer Relationship Manager

Edelyn Bandiola

Marketing Manager

Algyn Mercader